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About West Hollywood Trash Chute Cleaners

Whether you own or manage a condominium, apartment complex, or hotel, you understand the benefits of a fully functioning and clean trash chute. However, if not correctly managed your trash chutes will cause difficulties. Insect and pest infestation, unpleasant odors, mold, and bacteria growth are just a few of the many hazards that are created by a nasty trash chute.

Our teams are trained to provide the most professional and efficient trash chute cleaning service in Los Angelos. They are fully bonded, insured, and also covered by workman’s compensation, ensuring they can safely and effectively clean dirty trash or compactor chutes of waste materials. Ours tried and true methods come from years of experience in the industry.

Even though we have got this process down to a science, we continue to invest in both our equipment and personnel. Striving to perfect already proven methods that remove any materials that have build-up in trash chutes. Removing anything that can attract pests and insects every time. We thoroughly decontaminate and clean every surface, including all the trash chute doors both inside and out.

Even though many modern trash chute systems are fitted with built-in cleaning features, you have probably worked out for yourself that most of them are not fit for purpose. They’re neither strong enough or efficient enough to give a completely deep cleaned system.

Trash bags often tear or break open when they’re tumbling down chutes leaving a mess that includes dust, dirt, grease, and leftover food along the way. Because of the Los Angeles heat, this quickly sticks to the side of the chute and can only be removed by specialized equipment in the hands of trained professionals.

Trained and equipped with the best equipment money can buy, our professionals have the knowledge, experience, and training necessary to ensure your project is completed safely and thoroughly. We are available to work at any time of the day or evening so we can work around your schedule.

Our tried and tested 12 step cleaning process

#1 All Dumpsters are removed and the area around them is cleaned

#2 Each and every opening in the trash chutes are sealed to prevent any leakage

#3 The bottom of the chute is power washed to remove any dirt or grime

#4 The entirety of the inside of the chute is coated in a foam cleaner.

#5 This is left to work for 15 minutes

#6 A hot water spinner is inserted through the roof vent,

#7 As this is lowered it blasts the walls of the chute at 3500 PSI.

#8 The trash area is cleared and power washed

#9 All the trash bins are replaced

#10 A specialized deodorizing fog is applied to the chute to remove any residual smell

#11 All waterproofing measures are removed from the trash chute

#12 The trash chute doors are thoroughly cleaned inside and out

Trash Chute Cleaning Service Area

We service West Hollywood and Los Angeles

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  1. Remove dumpsters and Clean Area
  2. Waterproof any opening on the trash chute with adhesive to prevent leaking
  3. Remove all the grime from the bottom of the trash chute with power washer
  4. Foam cleaning solution is applied to the inside of the chute
  5. The solution soaks for 15 minutes
  6. The spinner is inserted from the roof vent. It’s lowered into the chute as it blasts hot water at 3500 PSI of pressure.
  7. The trash area is then powered washed
  8. Roof vent is secured shut
  9. A special fog with odor neutralizing properties applied inside the shoot
  10. Trash bins are relocated to their location
  11. All the water proofing adhesives are removed from the trash chute
  12. The trash chute doors are then scraped clean inside and out