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Trash Chute Cleaning Services

West Hollywood Trash Chute Cleaners Services

Our teams have the knowledge and experience needed to provide the most efficient and professional trash chute cleaning service in Los Angeles and our staff is bilingual in Spanish and English. They are fully insured and bonded as well as being covered by workman’s compensation. This holds us to the highest professional standard, and we will quickly and effectively clean your dirty trash chutes every time.

Trash Chute Cleaning Service

Your dirty trash chutes are completely cleared of all waste materials. As our team cleans your trash chute, they will make sure all debris is removed. Using a specially designed pressurized hot water system that blasts hot water as it sanitizes the chute safely clearing away all materials.

Our 12 step process removes any built-up materials, deodorizes, and kills bacteria. All of which will help keep your premises pest-free and prevent complaints from tenants about unpleasant smells or unwelcome visitors. The trash chute doors are also fully serviced to make sure they are both sanitary outside and in.

Dumpster Power Washing

All residential and commercial premises need their dumpsters professionally cleaned. As part of the chute cleaning process, you can also arrange for us to clean your dumpsters. We partner with both to help professionally sanitize both their bins and dumpsters. Helping them clean the dumpsters and the surrounding areas, as this is frequently ignored by other companies.

We use 3,500 PSI pressurized hot water to give your dumpster a deep clean. This will remove waster reside that’s built up over time, which is an eyesore, and leaves a lingering odor. You may not have thought that dumpsters can get a new look on life, but that’s what our service is all about.  

Storm Drain Unclogging

Before we ever tackle the cleaning of a trash chute, we have learned from experience that any storm drains in the basement need to be cleaned first, in order to prevent flooding. So in addition to your trash chutes and dumpsters being cleaned, you won’t have to worry about the storm drain for a while either. We highly recommend that you use unclog your storm drain before getting started, or using our service.

Dumpster Area Power Washing

As we mentioned previously, we are a full-service provider, simply cleaning the trash chute is never enough. We also power wash the area surrounding the dumpster, As the trash will regularly accidentally overflow, leaving residue on the ground and walls If left for too this acts as a magnet to pest. Our teams always leave the surrounding areas as clean as the chutes when they are finished.

Trash Hauling

If we find the dumpster is full of trash on arrival, this is never a problem. Our team will simply remove it, to the local dump, and continue with the terms of the service agreement. We are always happy to go above and beyond to provide the best service possible to our clients.


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  1. Remove dumpsters and Clean Area
  2. Waterproof any opening on the trash chute with adhesive to prevent leaking
  3. Remove all the grime from the bottom of the trash chute with power washer
  4. Foam cleaning solution is applied to the inside of the chute
  5. The solution soaks for 15 minutes
  6. The spinner is inserted from the roof vent. It’s lowered into the chute as it blasts hot water at 3500 PSI of pressure.
  7. The trash area is then powered washed
  8. Roof vent is secured shut
  9. A special fog with odor neutralizing properties applied inside the shoot
  10. Trash bins are relocated to their location
  11. All the water proofing adhesives are removed from the trash chute
  12. The trash chute doors are then scraped clean inside and out