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Storm Drain Unclogging Service in West Hollywood

Storm Drain Unclogging.

West Hollywood Trash Chute Cleaners specializes in storm drain unclogging, which is supplementary to our trash chute cleaning service. Although at the surface storm drain cleaning may come across as a somewhat straight forward endeavor, this is quite often far from the case! We are specialists in this area and have been tackling the drains of West Hollywood and the city of Los Angeles for years; domestically, commercially and industrially.

Experience is most important when it come to storm drain unclogging – knowing the precise amount of water pressure to employ and knowing the correct safety techniques to implement, comes with time and experience. We also guarantee the availability of our service for next day appointments. This promise isn’t something that has been brought about by experience, but instead reflects on our commitment to our customers and our passion for our business. We promise that we’ll be there for you when you need us, 365 days a year.

What exactly is Storm Drain Unclogging and How Does It Work?

If you’re curious about how the whole process works and the service that we provide, here’s a quick run-down. Firstly, our team will assess the surrounding area and implement the correct safety procedures to ensure that there aren’t any tenants or civilians near where the work will occur. Next, we will inspect the drain and assess its current flow. Once we establish how much force is necessary to unclog the drain, pressured water is applied at a gradually increased pressure. The pressure causes obstructions, debris and any other blockages to eject out. Hot pressured water is applied until the drain is flowing freely.

Why is Storm Drain Unclogging Important?

What many people don’t realize is that it’s extremely important to have your Storm Drain Unclogged before using our service and I’ll explain why. The main part of the trash chute cleaning service involves high pressured hot water cleaning out the trash chute so there is a vast amount of water coming down and this can lead to difficulties if your storm drain is clogged or blocked. That’s why we highly recommend that the storm drain is unclogged before the service is performed. If you’re not sure how to do so, we can unclog the storm drain for you.

So What Are the Benefits of Unclogging the Storm Drain?

The likelihood is that your storm drain will not have been unclogged for several years. The build-up of dirt, trash, debris, oil accumulate over time and is a safety hazard. Unclogging the storm drain will prevent flooding during the trash chute cleaning process. If you avoid unclogging the storm drain, it could be a ticking time bomb for a flood during a heavy rain storm. Think of it like a deep spring clean to remove debris and trash that gets stuck in there. By clearing out the storm drain it will remove foul odors and reduce infestations of mice, rats, vermin and insects. It’s a win-win all round!


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  1. Remove dumpsters and Clean Area
  2. Waterproof any opening on the trash chute with adhesive to prevent leaking
  3. Remove all the grime from the bottom of the trash chute with power washer
  4. Foam cleaning solution is applied to the inside of the chute
  5. The solution soaks for 15 minutes
  6. The spinner is inserted from the roof vent. It’s lowered into the chute as it blasts hot water at 3500 PSI of pressure.
  7. The trash area is then powered washed
  8. Roof vent is secured shut
  9. A special fog with odor neutralizing properties applied inside the shoot
  10. Trash bins are relocated to their location
  11. All the water proofing adhesives are removed from the trash chute
  12. The trash chute doors are then scraped clean inside and out