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Trash Chute Cleaning Service

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Nothing can make your dumpster odorless and clean except the team of highly professional and experienced cleaners. Moreover, from cleaning your trash chute to removing debris with power washing, our team will take care of every aspect of trash chute cleaning services. We hired only people with extensive experience and equipped them with the latest technology and equipment to deliver the ultimate customer delight.

Why opt for West Hollywood Trash Chute Cleaners?

If you are looking for professional cleaners to handle the trash chute cleaning job, then we are the best possible solution in the West Hollywood and Los Angeles area. We charge highly reasonable rates with the promise to deliver the ultimate customer satisfaction and neat and tidy trash chute. Here are a few reasons to choose us every time you need to hire someone for a trash chute cleaning job.

  • Professional, experienced staff
  • Latest equipment
  • Complete cleaning from the removal of trash bins to neutralizing of odors
  • Bonded and insured staff to deliver so that you can sit back and relax
  • 24/7 availability with next day services
  • Complete removal of all the debris and trash once the job is done
  • Extremely reasonable rates

Why do you need to clean your trash chute?

Cleaning your trash chute regularly is a must to ensure healthy living and to avoid all kind of infestation. However, alongside health benefits, the trash cleaning services offer you ecological, communal, and social benefits as well. Having a clean trash chute removes all kinds of stubborn debris, stains, and odors.

The process we follow for cleaning the trash chute

From removal of bins to the neutralization of odors, we are here to give you complete trash chute cleaning services. Mentioned below is our cleaning process in brief to give you a glimpse of our professionalism.

  • Removal of bins and trash to clear the area
  • Use of power washing to remove stubborn debris and stains
  • Use of foaming solution to ensure clean and tidy chute after wash
  • Moreover, use of 3,500 PSI hot water for excellent cleanliness
  • Scraping of doors for thorough cleaning

Get the best at highly affordable rates by contacting West Hollywood Trash Chute Cleaners for the ultimate trash chute cleaning services? However, we are eager to hear from you and offer you next day appointment. So wait no more and give us a call today.

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  1. Remove dumpsters and Clean Area
  2. Waterproof any opening on the trash chute with adhesive to prevent leaking
  3. Remove all the grime from the bottom of the trash chute with power washer
  4. Foam cleaning solution is applied to the inside of the chute
  5. The solution soaks for 15 minutes
  6. The spinner is inserted from the roof vent. It’s lowered into the chute as it blasts hot water at 3500 PSI of pressure.
  7. The trash area is then powered washed
  8. Roof vent is secured shut
  9. A special fog with odor neutralizing properties applied inside the shoot
  10. Trash bins are relocated to their location
  11. All the water proofing adhesives are removed from the trash chute
  12. The trash chute doors are then scraped clean inside and out