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Trash Hauling and Trash Chute Deodorizing Service

Trash Hauling and Trash Chute Deodorizing Service

Removing junk from your space and keeping everything in order can be a daunting task. But, with our trash hauling and trash chute services, you’ll experience complete convenience.

Trash Hauling Service

We provide top-notch quality hauling service in West Hollywood and Los Angeles City. Whether it is a residential or commercial junk hauling project, you can always expect professional results. We are highly committed to providing satisfying service from start to finish.

With our years of experience in the industry, expect that we are more than capable of giving you effective junk hauling solutions. Our team is specially trained to complete a job correctly and safely. Our experience made it possible for us to know your real needs.

We are bonded and insured. This means that in case of injury or accident, you have no responsibility to it. Besides, Mind that junk hauling is dangerous without proper skills, equipment, and truck, so it is best to leave the entire job to our team. Our service is always available for next day appointments.

Why Use Our Trash Hauling Service

There are plenty of advantages in getting our trash hauling service, including:

  • Perfect complement to our dumpster power washing service. If you plan to take advantage of our power washing service, then it’s best to get our hauling service first. That way, you can be sure that your space is completely ready, and there will be no single debris left.
  • Remove all the refuse and dispose of it before the dumpsters are power washed. There are some items that are considered hazardous, and you cannot just dump it anywhere or leave any residue. So, we are here to remove them all and make the dumpster power washing smooth.
  • Years of experience, we know the right dumps to dispose your trash in every neighborhood safely. We have all the necessary training, equipment, and truck to complete the hauling tasks effectively and safely.

Trash Chute Deodorizing

Are you looking for the most affordable yet professional trash chute deodorizing service? If so, our expert team what you are looking for.

Our trash chute deodorizing service is included with our trash chute cleaning. We make sure that your trash chute is not only clean but also deodorized properly. After performing deep clean power washing to the trash chute, a deodorizing fog is sprayed. This will allow you to stay for 15 minutes to absorb any lingering odors.

Benefits of Deodorizing Trash Chute

It is not enough that your trash chute is clean, you also need to consider deodorizing it. When it comes to deodorizing your trash chute, you can always rely on our professional team. After all, we have professional equipment, experience, and environmentally friendly cleaning and deodorizing solutions.

Hiring our team to do trash chute deodorizing means you want to experience the following benefits:

  • Happier tenants, the hallways will no longer smell like trash
  • A more pleasant experience when going to throw trash out
  • More sanitary conditions
  • Almost not necessary after a thorough deep power clean, but a finishing touch for top service

Every time you need a professional hauling and trash chute deodorizing service, do not look further than our team. We guarantee 100% satisfaction!

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  1. Remove dumpsters and Clean Area
  2. Waterproof any opening on the trash chute with adhesive to prevent leaking
  3. Remove all the grime from the bottom of the trash chute with power washer
  4. Foam cleaning solution is applied to the inside of the chute
  5. The solution soaks for 15 minutes
  6. The spinner is inserted from the roof vent. It’s lowered into the chute as it blasts hot water at 3500 PSI of pressure.
  7. The trash area is then powered washed
  8. Roof vent is secured shut
  9. A special fog with odor neutralizing properties applied inside the shoot
  10. Trash bins are relocated to their location
  11. All the water proofing adhesives are removed from the trash chute
  12. The trash chute doors are then scraped clean inside and out